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This is sad… May she rest in peace. And I pray her child be covered in the blood of Christ..


CAPITOL HEIGHTS, Md. (CBSDC) – One woman is dead and another still recovering after a shooting in Capitol Heights over the weekend.

Brittany Sade McKinley, 25, was shot and killed shortly after 6 a.m. Sunday in the 46oo block of Heath Street in Capitol Heights. A 23-year-old woman was also shot, and was treated and released from a local hospital.

According to the Washington Post, after being shot, the two women made their way to an IHOP restaurant on Central Avenue to call for help.

A Prince George’s County police officer says the shooting was “domestic-related,” saying the shooter has had a domestic relationship with either one or both of the shooting victims, but would not specify which.

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I’m tired of hurting. I’m tired of crying. My heart is heavy and sometime I wonder why. I feel like this person I’m waiting on don’t exist. So I might as well deal with the bullshit. Therefore I won’t have as many lonely nights. This sucks.

Is really as easy as if seems for someone to take on a rolls of parents in another household? How is it so easy to play daddy with the next and u don’t play daddy with your ex? Do feel good knowing your step children are ready for the first day of school and not your own actual children? Did you sleep good last night knowing you and your step children were together during Irene? Where were your children during Irene?

I’m trying to understand if everyone think I’m such a wonderful person why am I still single? Weather I look or just meet someone it seems to be the wrong one. I have tried to step outside of myself and see what the problems are with me and worked on them. So let’s see what happens now!!!!