I love the excitement I get inside when my phone goes off and its a text, pic or call from you.

I love the thoughts that run thru my mind endlessly all day every day.

I love the way your body feels up against mine.

I love the soothing sound of your voice in my ear.

I love your smile

I love way it feels to be held close by you.

I love kissing you.

I love that you aren’t judgmental.

I love sitting on the phone talking to you for hours at a time.

I love how the small things mean a lot to you.

I love that family means so much to you.

I love that you are humble.

I love how your always on my mind.

I love your honesty.

I love that my children love you.

I love your affection.

I love that you are a beautiful person inside and out.

I love that you are so spoiled.

I love that you are supportive

I love your cookies… Lol

I love everything about you……