Oh what I would give to see your face again and to feel your soft wrinkled hands touch my face look me and “Rita its ok I am going to protect you”. I really could use one of your talks right now. It seems like no one understands me the way you did. Not one day go by that I don’t think of you hear your voice in my ear. Some days I swear I can smell your scent in the air or hear you calling my name. And then reality sets in that it’s all in my mind and heart and I start to realized that it’s just memories. I think it hurts me the most the way you left. Sometime I get mad and feel like you left me in this world to endure all this hurt heartache and pain. But I know that you was tired and you couldn’t bear anymore. You taught me so much while you were here that I was able to use over the years to survive because after you passed I had no “real supervision” and I made plenty of mistakes and had to start over so many times. And even though at time I break down and I cry and I feel like throwing in the towel I don’t because I have three beautiful and wonderful children to love and protect I know that you are proud of the strong independent woman you raised me to be and for this I am so thankful and will always love you……. I miss you